A man was at the bar drinking himself to oblivion

A man was at the bar drinking himself to oblivion

A man was at the bar drinking himself to oblivion. He had his head in his hand and he was shaking his head.

The bartender asked, “You alright, pal?”

The man said, “Let me tell you a story.”

The bartender looked around the empty bar and replied, “Sure.”

The man said, “So, I was supposed to meet my fiancé today at her house. We were going to get some dinner. But when I got there her sister was home.”

“So what’s the problem? You don’t get along?” asked the bartender.

“No,” answered the man. “It’s the opposite. Her sister is the pretty one. She came to the door in thigh highs and a garter belt. She was wearing six inch stilettos. It drove me nuts.”

The bartender chuckled, “Yikes. What happened?”

“So I went inside and her sister told me that my fiancé had to work a double shift last minute. She was unreachable because her phone was charging at the hospital where she worked.”

The bartender grinned, “So what did you do?”

The man slurred, “ I turned tail like a jackrabbit and bolted out the front door. And then surprise surprise my future wife and her parents were in the driveway!”

The bartender was riveted. “Go on.”

The man continued. “They welcomed me with open arms. Her dad was beaming with happiness. He was telling me that he was happy to welcome a faithful son in law to the family.”

The bartender was disappointed. “Why are you down in the dumps?”

The man said, “The moral of the story is because I dodged a bullet. I keep condoms in my car and not my wallet!”

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