A man and his wife were asleep in bed – funny jokes

A man and his wife were asleep in bed

A man and his wife were asleep in bed, when they get woken up at gone midnight by a knock

on the door. the man gets up, goes downstairs and opens the door to a bloke standing there.

Man: what do you want at this hour?! Bloke: I don’t suppose you could give us a push? Man:

you’ve got to be serious, no! He shuts the door and makes his way back to bed. The wife says:

who was that then love? Man: Oh just some guy wanting a push! Wife: well do you remember

when we were in trouble and needed help, how someone else helped us then? Go down and

help him! So the man gets up and again goes down to the door. He looks out but can’t see the

bloke anywhere. Man: Hello?! He hears a “Yes!” in the distance. Man: Do you still need a push?!

Bloke: Yes! Man: Where are you?! Bloke: I’m over here, on the swings!

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