A little boy was saying his prayers before bed

A little boy was saying his prayers before bed one night. and his dad happened to walk by and overheard him.

He said “God bless mommy, god bless daddy, god bless grammy, and goodbye grampy”.

The next day his grandpa died. The boy’s dad thought that was pretty strange, but just a coincidence.

The next night the dad was walking by the boy’s room again while he was saying his prayers again, and he heard “God bless mommy, god bless daddy, goodbye grammy”.

The next day his grandma passed away. Now the father was really freaked out. That night he again overheard the little boy praying before bed. “God bless mommy, goodbye daddy”.

Well, the next morning he got up really early, and went to work. Stayed there all day, and came home at midnight. He started to apologize to his wife when he got home about being late.

He said, “I’m really sorry, I had a really bad day at work and really long.”

His wife said “You think you had a bad day, the postman dropped dead on the front porch this afternoon!”

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