A 25 y.o. goes to her therapist

A 25 y.o. goes to her therapist

A 25 y.o. goes to her therapist…P: “Doctor, I feel so bad lately, since I got my first raise at work, I can’t stop taking cash outta my bank account and then go buy a

bunch of useless stuff… d: “Hmm, can you describe more precisely how you are feeling?” P: “Well, I get such a high when I take the money out, my heart’s racing,

face’s blushing, I walk fast, like I’m floating above the ground! But it only lasts a few minutes then all the shopping and new stuff feels like I’m crashing down fast

and when I come back home, I cry and binge, thinking about that moment when I’m at the ATM, I can’t even sleep because I can’t wait for the next time!” D: “…I

see, it looks like you are simply experiencing some bad withdrawal symptoms…”

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