We all live in one system. A system in which we are controlled by our environment. Every day we go to work or to school. We have to earn enough money to feed ourselves and our families. Yes and we are not asked if we want to live and then we should please everyone? No. Nobody can determine how we live. It is our life. Our decisions. Our mistakes. Only we ourselves can learn from our own mistakes. Nobody cares for which occupation, which clothes, even which partner we choose. Every person is different. Some are successful entrepreneurs, others work for little money in care facilities or supermarkets. Some prefer to wear colorful clothes, while others prefer plain colors. Many live in same-sex relationships. That’s so normal. And most of them are happy as their lives are. So where is the problem? Exactly, there is none. But the majority of people are so dissatisfied with themselves that they seek mistakes from others because they are jealous or even just broken.
The fact is; we are all tired. Tired from life. Disappointed, because things are not going as we had hoped. Also, when everything is dark, someday someone will bring light to the gray. We must become more optimistic and stop lying to ourselves. We should often make others happy, such as giving a homeless person something to eat, throwing a smile on the fugitive who has been through so much, or giving the cuddly toy to the little kid that dropped it in the mall. None of these things hurts or is exhausting. We can all do that. Let’s start making this world a more comfortable place.

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