As Sophie looks through the windowpane in her nursery school, she sees heavy raindrops falling to the floor. Plitsch, splash, splish, splash. The Kita garden is already very wet. The swing, the seesaw, the little wooden house, everything is wet. Also in the Buddelkasten have already formed deep puddles. She wanted to go to the kindergarten with Mama on the playground and dig so much. Sophie sighs.

But she can not be sad for a long time because she suddenly sees her boyfriend Dennis on the head with a funny hardhat. He runs to Sophie. “Come, we play construction workers!”, He shouts and hands her a yellow helmet. The helmets are too big for the little heads, but it’s great fun to play with them.

She is fully engrossed in the game when she hears her name. “Sophieee!” “Huh, what’s going on?”, She thinks. “Sophieee, your mom is here!”, Calls her educator. “Your mom is coming to pick you up.” Sophie looks to the door and there is Mama and waves to her. She has rubber boots on. This reminds them again of the heavy rain. With arms down, Sophie goes to her mother.

“What’s wrong with you?”, Asks her mother. “Why are you looking so sad?” “Oh Mom, it’s raining and I wanted so much to the playground.”, Sophie says very quietly. “Well, then you were lucky that I have your rubber boots, rain pants and rain jacket with you.” Look, I also have rubber boots on, I thought we could have some fun with this great rain, who says we so you can not go to the playground? ” Sophie shines all over her face and hugs her mum tightly. Then she quickly says goodbye to her governess, Dennis and the other children and puts on her rain gear. The dressing is very fast today.

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As soon as they are at the door, they are already in the first big puddle. That is fun! Sophie squeaks with happiness.