The woman from the perspective of computer scientists


The Internet Woman:
You have to pay to get access to her.

The server woman:
She is always busy when you need her.

The Windows Woman:
You know she has many mistakes, but you can not live without her.

The Powerpoint Woman:
It is ideal for presenting to people at celebrations.

The Excel Woman:
They say they can do many things, but you only use them for the usual four basic functions.

The Word Woman:
She always surprises you, and there is no one in the world who really understands her.

The MS-DOS Woman:
They all had them, but nobody wants them now.

The back-up woman:
You think she has everything, but when it comes down to it, you notice that she’s missing something.

The Scandisk Woman:
We know that she is doing good and that she just wants to help, but basically nobody knows what she really can do.

The Screen Saver woman:
She does not really have any important function, but you like to look at her.

The Hard Disk Woman:
She remembers everything – at any time of the day.

The E-mail Woman:
Of the ten things she tells, nine are absolute nonsense.

The virus woman:
If you least expect it, she installs herself in your apartment and takes her. If you try to uninstall it, you will miss a lot of things; if you do not, you lose everything.

The SAP woman:
After years of work and under the expensive advice of your friends, you have finally adapted it to your needs.
Of course, there is now a much easier to handle alternative on the market.

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