The revenge of a betrayed woman (funny story)

On the first day she packed all her belongings in boxes, boxes and suitcases.

On the second day, she had ordered the forwarder to pick up her things.

On the third day, she sat for the last time, by candlelight, in her splendid salon, put on good music, and celebrated alone a small feast with a pound of shrimp, a glass of caviar and a bottle of champagne.

When she had finished her meal, she went through all the rooms again, and hid half the shrimp she had previously dipped in caviar into every opening of the cornices.
Then she cleaned the kitchen and left the house.

When her husband returned with his new girlfriend, they had a lot of fun with each other for the first few days.
But slowly the house started to smell.
They tried everything, they cleaned and ventilated the whole house. Openings were examined for dead insects, carpets were steamed. Fragrance dispensers were hung everywhere in the house. Insect exterminators gassed the whole house, and they had to find another place to stay for a few days, and they even paid for replacing the expensive rugs in every room.
But nothing helped!

Acquaintances did not come to visit. Craftsmen refused to work in the house. The domestic help announced.
Finally, when they could no longer stand the smell, they decided to change.
A month later, they had even halved the price of the house, but they could not find a buyer for their house.
The story became known to the city and the brokers refused to answer phone calls.

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Ultimately, they had to take a high loan to buy a new home.
One day his ex-wife called and asked how he was doing?
He told her the nightmare with the house.
She listened to him patiently and then said she would miss the house very much and would like to talk to him about the divorce costs and give up some if she could get the house for it.
Since he believed his ex-wife has no idea of ​​the stench in the house, he agreed for a tenth of the purchase price, but only if she would sign the contracts today.
She agreed, and within an hour his lawyer had presented the contracts she signed.

A week later, the man stood with his girlfriend and smiled as they watched as the forwarder packed all their things to take them to their new house ………………… …………. including the curtain rods!