The Golden Toilet

The Golden Toilet

Fred and Klaus met, as usual, on Tuesday evening to talk about their misdeeds from the past weekend.

Fred boasted, “I was at a party over the weekend, and it was insane, the hosts even had a golden toilet!”

Klaus replied, “You must be crazy; a golden toilet?!” After some back and forth, they decided to pay a visit to the people who

threw the party to see if the golden toilet was real.

Sure enough, they arrived at the house later on, where an older woman answered the door and asked, “Can I help you?” Fred explained, “Yes, ma’am,

I was here at your party over the weekend, and my friend Klaus here doesn’t believe me that you have a golden toilet in this house!”

The woman then looked at them, turned to her hallway, and called out to her husband,

“Hey Hermann, here’s the pig that crapped in your trumpet!”

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