Texts from car forums

Lamborghini Forum:

  • Air whistling under the window seals at 330 km / h, is this normal ?!

Mazda MX – 5:

  • A bastard in VW Tuaregu has passed over me today!

Porsche Cayenne Forum:

  • Fuel consumption has fallen dangerously below 40 l / 100 km – is something wrong with the engine?

Vipera Forum:

  • I was sucking smart into the intake manifold, how to get it out?

Seat Forum:

  • Hehe, today I caught up with the truck!

Bentley Forum:

  • I used an ashtray today, where will I get a new one?

Rolls – Royce Forum:

  • Where is Rolex best to repair?

Honda Accord Forum:

  • Mom gave me this car for my birthday. Where can I get a cheap 18-inch aluśki?

Porsche Forum:

  • I just got the slippers. Better to give away the car in settlement or sell on your own?

Fiat Forum:

  • What do you think, is there a world outside the workshop?

Renault Forum:

  • I am reselling the monthly card for the bus. The car had been repaired earlier than I had expected.

Honda CRX Forum:

  • Help, how are seat belts open? Quickly, because the electricity in the notebook ends …

Forum Audi A6 TDI:

  • Where is the fuel fill?

Audi A8 Forum:

  • How to wash blood from the carpet in the trunk?

Opel Forum:

  • Hammerite – will anyone help?

Opel Omega Forum:

  • A fan flew off, where to look?

Mercedes C Forum:

  • It was raining on Sunday and the car got wet on the way to the church, what to do?

BMW 3er E36 forum:

  • Where are the best sticks?

BMW M5 Forum:

  • Help, I introduced something to the program and I can not go to the menu now!
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McLaren Forum:

  • Will the Ferrari tires match?

Trabant Forum:

  • Ranking of the best adhesive tapes.

Forum Alfa Romeo:

  • What time do we meet in the workshop?
  • For two weeks, my Alpha fires the first time, is it normal?