Samhain – love between worlds

The role-playing game on Halloween was to let life or death!
A game that our ancestors started to show the world jumper, what we thought of their actions that night. I, Vin, was the newcomer in this circle and was allowed to rule the rules tonight. At the same time I did not suspect that I decided about our fate.

The idea that all beings, mythical creatures, and formidable creatures really existed was terrifying me. As if it had been yesterday, I remembered the weird stories about Satan and his demons. Now I had to find out: maybe he was lurking behind a portal in a few hours and determined my fate. Not maybe, I knew him certain about it, because how could I triumph, small inconspicuous vin against the ruler of the underworld?
“Well, Vin, can we start soon?” A woman I had never seen before asked. Since I was the chosen one for this role-playing game, it gave me a queasy feeling.
“Yes, I’m almost there. But I will not wear those “clothes,” I mumbled. Pointing casually to the bizarre scraps of skin lying on the bed, keeping it away.
“The less the better,” she answered. Her statement was a bit short and a traitorous smile crossed her face.
“Why that?” I complained. I was very annoyed at the statement of this bloated snipe and jumped up from my chair with tremendous rage.
“And what’s the knife and the evening star supposed to do? Do I go to war? “I shouted and threw them across the room. “Your anger is excellent, but I would save you for your opponent.”
She was still smiling at me, and that annoyed me even more. She went.
Disconcerted, I stood in a room with provocative laundry that I did not wear and weapons I had never owned. Sudden nausea tore my legs away, and I knelt on the floor for a moment.
When unexpectedly the door opened and someone came in again. “Vin you’re ready, I need to get you down,” someone asked me. It was the conceited woman again, who was cold and heartless with me. But I could not tolerate her behavior and questioned you.
“May I ask you something?” I whispered. Gazing into her eyes and discovering sadness in it, which she wanted to cover with arrogance.
“What do you want to know?” She inquired. He crossed his hands and stood unimpressed in the doorway.
Tears welled up in my eyes, however, and I did not have much time left, because the clock on the wall still showed a quarter of an hour until midnight.
“Will I go back?” I cried.
“The last fighter did not make it. If you want to know that, “she informed me.
“Why? What happened? “I asked.
“Well, she was not paying attention, and her opponent was much stronger than you thought. And she lost the game, “she answered.
“And what happened to her?” I whispered softly. Her statement literally tied my throat.
“She became a slave and had to go with him to his Shadowrealm, of which there is no way back,” she sighed. Lost in thought she looked out the window.
“Well that’s it. Had my sister better take care. And so will you, if you do not follow the rules. So listen to my advice. Even if you are allowed to set the rules, never underestimate the invisible power of your opponent. NEVER! “She warned.
“Yes, I will,” I countered. I knew that she gave me a tip that she was not allowed to do.
“My name is Selma, by the way. Come on, the game will start soon, “she said. At the same time, asked me to follow her.
As I walked out the door, Selma pointed to the leftover weapons.
“If you do not want to” play “with him, one of the pleasant stages of role-playing, then at least put on the weapons or you’ll lose,” she convinced me.
Reluctantly, I took the guns to me and went annoyed with Selma in the dungeon.
We stopped in front of an iron gate.
“I’m not allowed to accompany you, you have to go the rest of the way alone,” Selmar told me.
Panic rose in me, and I could no longer hold back the tears. After all, I did not know if I came out alive.
“Do you know who will be waiting for me on the other side?” I whispered.
“The winner of the last games,” she muttered. Selmar did not get more. I saw the two guards standing next to me to accompany me. An escape was thus excluded. My heart throbbed in a rhythm that drove me insane. I began to breathe hectically, and panic returned to my mind. Selma quickly hugged me in the careless minute of the guards and whispered softly, “The devil himself. Take care of his soul kiss.”
I stared at you. That could not be serious. Were my fears? With that I knew: Tonight I will not decide the rules, but he! And I did not like that at all! The clock struck twelve, the iron gate closed and Selma lagged behind. The two guards had also disappeared and I stood in a perceived emptiness, enveloped in darkness. I could feel the heavy throbbing of my heart, the rapid rushing of my blood in my veins and the oppressive feeling on my lungs, so that I could barely breathe.
Eerie silence surrounded me. And it happened: nothing! Feverishly, I waited for something to happen. But: nothing! Should I move from the spot, or just wait and see what happened? And if he was already behind me? Hastily I turned around and reflexively pulled my knife. As I thought about standing here with the knife in my hand to kill Satan myself, I laughed. How could I ever do this? Especially as it was Halloween and the beings had the greatest power that night. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my left forearm, and it got warm. Blood flowed down and dripped onto the floor. He was here!
I tried to run away, also succeeded in a door. But it was locked!
I ran along the wall for orientation, because I could see nothing in the dark. Then: the next cut!
This time on my upper arm, and I dropped the knife! Hastily I groped for it and could not find it. But what I found was something else!
He was right in front of me! Slowly I got up and backed away! I could feel his breath! Hot and smelled of sulfur. I could feel it. I had to think something over, otherwise I had lost the game as soon as it started. Then, for the first time, I heard his deep voice.
“How easy it is to win the games,” he laughed scornfully. Took another step closer to me.
“You’re no better playmate than the last. How stupid people are. Every year, they believe in knowing the rules of Halloween, and they’re always doing those boring role-playing games that have never been properly implemented, “he said. Grabbed my arm, and so hurt the injured man more than he already did. But I tried to ignore the pain, and made a good face to the evil game. So I was silent.
“I know your arm hurts,” he whispered in my ear.
I wanted to know what he looked like. Did our idea of ​​him correspond to reality?
“But, you seem to want to play a game with me. Well, let’s play, “he challenged me.
I felt a movement. Then a light wind that brushed my face. In the middle of the room, a faint light came on and suddenly there was a bed. What completely irritated me. I hoped that I finally saw him in the dim light, but he hid in the shadows. As I walked slowly to the bed, a thousand thoughts flashed through my head, and I had to come up with something quickly, otherwise I was close to death. I recalled Selma’s sentence: “The less the better.”
So I started slowly taking off my clothes, taking my eyes off the bed, taking off one after the other. And I felt how more and more courage and self-confidence flowed through me. I asked him questions.
“Do you have a name?” I whispered. And threw my shirt in the adjoining darkness. Then I heard a soft whisper, and I felt his eyes burn in my chest. I could even feel the pain, but I kept my head up.
“What’s his name?” I said more specifically. Feeling his hateful look. It took a moment for him to answer brusquely, “Beliar.” I realized that I could win the power and did not let up.
“Beliar. I’m Vin, “I said.
I stopped in front of the bed and was amazed that it was much larger than it had looked from afar.
“So Beliar. Hmm … He is a fallen angel with us. And not Satan himself, “I said.
“Maybe it’s not true. Your stories and ideas of me, “he snapped. I realized that he was behind me again. My left arm hurt a lot, but I just tried to hide it. Inwardly, my heart pounded faster than after a marathon, and everything blurred before my eyes. I concentrated, trying to control the shaking of my hands, and slowly turned around to face him.
I saw: nothing! Again nothing but a black wall.
“Come out,” I hissed. And just opened the button of my jeans. Holding the second knife firmly in my right hand, I kept an eye on the black wall to respond at any moment to a sudden reaction from him. Then a loud clatter and fast steps. I tried to follow them, but I did not know where to go.
A mocking laugh broke the silence.
“You really think you win. How confident you are here. I could have killed you six times without you realizing it, “he mocked. Another clink. It seemed to me that Beliar had something off.
“And why do not you kill me?” I asked.
“I want to play,” he breathed in my ear. I felt his hot breath. In a flash, I turned around. With a raised knife, I rushed on him. As the bed was right behind us, we landed on it. Reflexively, I pulled my handcuffs and tried to control it within seconds. But I did not have such an easy game with him. He was, as I had expected, stronger than me. It was difficult for me to subdue him.
“So you want to play? Well. Then take your hands off me! “I ordered. For a moment, he remained in his dominant position and pierced me with his gaze. That I was afraid of his form, I tried not to show. His physique resembled that of a human. He was taller than me. His skin was dark gray. On it were dark red scale-like patterns that began to burn with every touch. Looking at his eyes, I lost myself in the black. How infinitely deep you pulled one into the abyss, but that was not allowed to happen to me. After all, it was still time to win the Halloween role-playing games.
“Hands!” I ordered. With a sardonic grin on his lips he did not seem to think I was dominant enough. I grabbed his hands with a jerk and locked them in the hand cuffs, which I fastened in the second return at the head of the bed. “Ah, you’d like that, human,” he groaned. I knelt over him and slowly pulled out my knife.
“I can do better,” I whispered. And played with it in front of his face. My eyes wandered all over his body, but Beliar held my face tight with his.
“Because I want to win the games and not become your next slave,” I said. Carefully, I brought the tip of the knife to his throat and drove slowly down to the abdomen. The closer I got there, the harder I pushed, so that the cut got deeper and deeper. I expected the blood to come out, but it was not blood, like the humans. It was a viscous substance that left a burn scar on me at the slightest touch. Then the next cut, across his upper arm.
“That’s for hurting my arm,” I complained. The anger that he sparked in me seethed incessantly. I was almost sure of the victory. But I realized with horror that he was playing with ME, and not the other way around, as I had the feeling. Slowly, he straightened himself under me, and easily freed himself from the shackles. His cuts closed within seconds of my eyes.
“He’s for almost conquering me,” he said. And kissed me. It seemed to me that liquid fire was pervading me and seemed to paralyze me completely. I sat motionless on him and could do nothing more.
“Well, who won the games?” He triumphed. But when he looked me in the eyes again, something happened that I did not think was possible. Enigmatic images shot through my head. The rigidity wiped into my body, and my injured arm was healed again. Why did he do that? What had happened that he stopped so abruptly?
Before I knew it, we stood in front of our house in the street and he looked like an ordinary person. Attractive, but also very mysterious. His hair was raven-black despite the darkness, and his eyes kept their color. He was the perfect deceiver. And if I was right, it made me a huge fear. For who knew that someone like him was evil and was anxious to enslave our humanity one after another?
He took my hand and walked with me down the street. Beliar was changed in reality here. It pleased him to look at the creepy decorated houses and to look after the many costumed children. He acted almost like a little boy, not like the underworld prince. Was it possible that the creatures of the night on Halloween were exactly the opposite of what their nature dictated? How else could it be possible to spend such a boisterous night with Beliar? We reached the end of the road and followed the unpaved road to an abandoned house.
“I’ll always protect you,” he said. And it gave me a euphoric feeling. I still could not believe it. Just a few moments ago, he was about to kill me and now he is worried about my welfare. We entered the old house. Went together to the upper floor and lay down on the bed. He gently discarded my clothes. He had also dropped his and came slowly to me. Forgotten were the deadly fights of role-playing and the struggle for power. It was the best night of my life. How gently he stroked my long hair, and lost his nose buried in thought. As if he liked my whole self. I seemed to have completely lost control of space and time when I suddenly felt pain. I screamed in panic and pushed him to the side. Looking closely, I saw that the wound I’d just done had broken out again.
“What happened?” I shouted. Looking around irritated. Then I saw it. It was not Beliar sitting next to me, but another being.
“Beliar. Help me, “I pleaded.
“Beliar will not be able to help you,” the creature answered. Straightened up in front of me.
“Then you humans really managed to make him docile,” it mocked.
“What?” I stammered in confusion. Saw two Gargoyles take Beliar. They had put him in glowing chains that put him out of action.
“Tell me, what did you see?” He ordered. I did not know what he meant by that. “Silence will not help you. Vin. Maybe for now, but sooner or later your sins will be forfeited. ”
Desperately, I wondered what he meant by that.
“What are you planning to do with him?” I asked. Looked hopelessly over at Beliar, who again walked across the opened portal into his world.
“He’ll have to pay for his crime. The rest of my name is Dagon. In case you should search for me sweetheart «.
He gently stroked my cheek. Disgusted, I stepped back and ran to the portal. But halfway, a spell stopped me and I could not move anymore.
“You will not have it that easy, Vin,” Dagon growled. He stood beside me and, smiling, stepped through the portal. I rushed to the closing portal. But it was too late. They were gone. Beliar had disappeared, someone I would never have believed in loving. I had to find a way to get to him and save him. Selma!
I quickly took my shirt, put my knife back in, and ran to the gate.
Desperately, I knocked against it, hoping someone heard me. When I gave up hope, she opened herself and Selma stood there.
“Vin, you’re still alive,” she beamed. And wrapped me in her arms.
“Selma, you have to help me,” I said hastily.
“What should I help you with?” She questioned.
“I have to go to the Underworld and save Beliar,” I answered.
“You want something? You can not be serious. You want to save Satan, who just wanted to destroy you? What happened to you in there? “She asked.
We heard a noise and had to hide. It was the playmakers who ran hectic into the cellar. As we passed, we heard what you got.
“We have to find this Vin. If you really are the chosen one and this child is born, our circle will be doomed, “they whispered.
I did not trust her words and looked at Selma. She was now the context clear, and you pulled me quickly into the next room.
“What child?” I asked.
“Of course. It’s you, “Selma said.
“I’m what?” I said. Selma meanwhile, impatiently searching the bookshelf for something.
“Hello. I’m what? “I called as loud as I could.
“Here it is,” she rejoiced. He came to the table with a small book bound in gold.
“Where did you get that?” I scolded. The anger that I felt came up in me. The book was about that, from my deceased mother.
“Now everything is clear. The book, you as a new roleplayer in the hope that you will never return. Look, “Selma said.
I remembered the story. Because my mother had read you to me every night. It was about the golden child conceived of pure love between good and evil to defeat the bondage of the people of the underworld.
“You do not really think that I’m the chosen one. And I do not have a child either, “I said. Until I felt a stir in me. Tears were in my eyes because I was completely overwhelmed with the whole new situation.
“How can that be possible?” I asked. Suddenly the pictures shot into my head again when Beliar had kissed me. Selma had warned me about his soul kiss, and I knew why now.
“Selma. I saw it all. It should be clear to me. When he kissed me, I saw it all. I should have stopped it, “I mused. Got up angrily and nervously walked around in the small room.
Then we heard voices and the door was closed without anyone coming in.
“They locked the door. Is there no other exit? “I asked nervously. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen and I felt sick.
“Vin. Are you okay? “Selma asked. Hurried up and support me.
“It’s the kid, something’s wrong,” I said. I held my stomach.
“Come along. We can get to Luzia’s lab through a secret passage. She’ll be able to help us, “Selmar said. I thought we would never arrive at this lab until Selma finally opened a door and we arrived in a small darkened room. The pain got worse, so I had to lie down on the sofa.
“Luzia?” Selma whispered, slipping quietly through the room. “She is not here”.
Selma had taken something from the nearby table and handed me a potion.
“This will relieve the pain,” she gladly convinced me. Until somebody beat it out of my hand before I could even start the cup.
“If you drink that, your child will be lost even before it’s born,” someone said. I looked up and there was a woman above me. She had fiery red hair, her eyes were black, and her skin was dark gray, just like Beliars.
“Luzia. There you are. I thought so … “Selma stammered. I noticed the tension between the two. “Silence Selma. Make it right this time and be silent, “she snapped. Without paying attention to Selma, Luzia leaned down and examined me.
“You do not have pain?” She asked me.
“It’s okay. I just want to … “I continued. Looked at the wall clock. Four o’clock in the morning. I did not have much time to save Beliar.
“I know what you want, but under these circumstances you will not master it, Vin,” Luzia said.
“But I have to save him. No matter what or who he is. Please help me. “I implored.
“You can not save my brother. He is in the underworld. Where our power, especially on Halloween, is strongest. You would not even be able to get close to him without being kidnapped and enslaved, “she pointed out.
“He’s your brother?” Selma asked. Dropped a test tube.
“Do you want to find you?” Luzia admonished. She moved to a small shelf.
“Yes, he is my brother. And yes, I am also from the underworld. I was banished years ago because, like him, I fell in love with a mortal. Since then, I’ve been living among you unnoticed, “she said. While Luzia crushed small leaves, grapes and coal with a mortar. “So you’re the woman Beliar’s been waiting for all his life?”
“I do not understand?” I whispered, at the pain.
“You are the Chosen of Men, and Beliar is the Chosen of the Underworld. So one thing fits the other, “Luzia said.
The thought that Beliar had been waiting for me all his life filled me with even more pain. But I realized some conclusions in my current life: why I always felt alone, even though I had family and friends. Why I always had this feeling, I miss something, but what it exactly was, I did not know. This eternal search for something that I did not find. Now the circle closed and I knew it was Beliar, whom I also instinctively sought. And finally found. When I got up, Luzia asked me to lie down with a wave of my hand, which I did reluctantly.
“I have to go to him, he needs me,” I said.
“I know. Here you can drink or you will not be able to help anyone anymore. Certainly not your child, “Luzia said. Our child! That was a strange feeling!
“What happens if I drink this potion?” I questioned uncertainly.
“It keeps it from growing. The fetus is stronger than a mortal. He has tremendous power. The potion also helps you have that power. The duration of action is limited. So you have to hurry, “she commented. Luzia handed me the vial and only the smell disgusted me.
“How do I get over?” I asked, straightening up.
“Take my necklace here. Their shimmer shows you the different approaches to the different spheres. Access to the underworld shines in a rich blue, “she told me.
“Why blue? I was thinking of red or black? “I joked. Although I was not joking.
“The typical human colors for the devil and his underworld,” Luzia laughed. “No, the blue is to deceive those who have done wrong in their lives, and so get into the underworld and thereby get their just punishment.”
No sooner had I put on the chain, I got a completely different view. There were a variety of colors and shapes in the room, and I had to find my way around first. Then I found the access and drank the vial. Silently I looked again to Selma and Luzia and went with soft knees to the portal. My last look at the clock showed me 4:24 clock. That meant I did not even have more than 90 minutes until dawn. There I stood, in front of a blue glowing gate, an unplanned child in me and the will to rescue someone I did not know if I could save him at all. As I walked through the portal, pain came over me, the pain I felt in the arena as well. Then I noticed how warm it got on my left arm and felt the blood. The inflicted wounds were back. Obviously, I had been relegated to the state of the games by traversing. But I did not understand the meaning of it. I thought he should protect me? What about our child? Did it still exist?
“They’re perfect deceivers Vin!” I told myself.
As I looked around, I stood in front of a mountain of rubble. How should I just about it? Then I heard voices and sought a hiding place. Secretly I watched as a herd of seraphim, with women in chains, went down a staircase invisible to me. Since they were all human women, I concluded that they were possibly the losers of the last role-playing games. One in the last row noticed me, and I indicated that she was calm and did not betray me. Secretly I followed the column and what I saw down there was unimaginable for me. The women were really enslaved and had to indulge in the greed of the demons down here. An unimaginable situation for me. While I was wondering what to do, I heard a soft voice in my head. She told me where to go. It was Beliar’s voice that guided me, so I knew I was not too late. Were his thoughts transmitted by our common child?
Silently, I slipped past the colony and arrived at a dead end. Annoyed and cursing, close to tears and desperate, I stood in front of this wall and did not know where to go next. Until I suddenly heard a voice that seemed familiar to me. Dagon was the guardian of Beliar. How gladly I would have jumped at his throat and put an end to it, but I still needed him to find Beliar. When I started to follow him, another violent pain of my injured arm came over me. Spasmodically, I tied it to my hairband and stalked after Dagon. Unfortunately, I lost him at the next turn. I had to find Beliar, because if you closed the portal right away, I knew I would never see him again. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my left side and took a shadow in the corner of my eye. Dazed, they carried me away, and when I opened my eyes, I stood tied to a pole. In my immediate vicinity Beliar, the glowing chains, was still around. When he saw me, he raged with rage and tried desperately to free himself from the chains.
“Leave you alone!” He shouted. His eyes fixed on me. When we looked each other in the eye, we knew what was happening. Dagon sneered around me, swinging his long, flaming whip.
“Look at Beliar. Your long-awaited soul mate has finally come to you. How desperate you were, why you never found them. And then she had your child in her, too, “he mocked.
“Dagon, please do whatever you want with me. But leave you alone, “he pleaded.
“Well, now you have yourself committed to death. How could you believe that such a human could love a beast like you? And in just one day? “He continued.
My heartbeat slowed down, the rush of blood in my veins softened, and that was when I first realized it. I was deceived. Deceived by the menace of the underworld, because I almost destroyed their world because of a love that lasted only one night. There will be a new game next year. New winners and losers of the Halloween games. But there will never again be a couple who resisted all danger in just one night just to be happy for one night.

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