John invited his mother to eat

John invited his mother to eat in his two-person flat. While eating, his mother realizes how beautiful his roommate really is. For some time she plays with the idea that the two could have a relationship and that makes them uncertain.

During the evening, as she watches the two, she begins to wonder if there was more between John and his roommate than the normal eye could see.

Reading her thoughts, John says, “I know what you think, but I assure you that we only live together.”

About a week later, Julie says to John, “Since your mother came to dine with us, I can not find my silver salad bowl .”

John replies, “Well, I hardly think she took you, but I’ll write to her.”

So he sits down and writes: ” Dear mother, I’m not saying you took the salad bowl with you and I’m not saying you did not take it with you, but the point is, since you’ve had dinner with us, that’s missing Salad bowl, in love, John. ”

Several days later, John receives a letter from his mother saying, “Dear John, I’m not saying you’re sleeping with Julie, and I’m not saying you’re not sleeping with her, but the point is, if she’s in her She would have found the salad bowl long ago, in love, Mom. “

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