How many times ?
Tired of a particularly hard day’s work, a man who returns home from his car is called a cuckold by another motorist. And this word teases him all the way, to the point that when he arrives at his place he asks for entry to his wife, outside of him:

“How many times have you been cheating on me since we got married? How many times ? Come on, answer!

She looks at him stunned and throws him:

  • You better go take a cold shower …

He gets out of the room, slamming the door, then says to himself that after all a good shower will relax him.
And a quarter of an hour later, he comes back calmed saying:

  • Honey, excuse me for just now I was pissed. To make me forgive, do you want us to go to the movies and the restaurant?

So she puts her finger on the mouth, murmuring:

  • Hush! Do not disturb me. I count …
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