He’s a guy with a parrot for a short time

He’s a guy with a parrot for a short time. On the one hand, he is lucky, because his parrot is very prolix: he does not stop talking.
On the other hand, he is really annoyed, because all the words that come out of the beak of the parrot are only curses and vulgarities.
One day, the man has more than enough. He catches his parrot by the throat, shakes him very hard and yells at him:

  • Stop with your swearing!
    Unfortunately, this only excites the parrot who begins to swear more.
    So the guy takes the bird and locks it in a closet. But then again, it only annoys his parrot who balances a heap of insanities through the closet.
    The guy is so out of it that he takes the parrot and locks it in the fridge. And there, miraculously, the parrot calms down …
    After a few minutes, the guy pulls his parrot out of the fridge …
    Calmly, the parrot climbs on his arm and says:
  • I am terribly sorry for all the inconvenience I caused you. The guy does not come back. His parrot is totally transformed …
    And at that moment the parrot adds:
  • Just to know, what did the chicken do?
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