General working guidelines

  1. Everything is clear with us, but nobody knows.
  2. We do not know what we want, but we are resolute.
  3. We are ready for anything, but useless
  4. Cooperative hectic replaces mental calm.
  5. Knowledge is power; Knowing nothing does not matter.
  6. Everyone can be used here and be it as a deterrent example.
  7. Dangerous is when stupid people become hard-working.
  8. Everyone does what he wants, no one does what he should, but everyone joins in.
  9. Anyone who has already lost the overview must at least have the courage to make a decision.
  10. It is not enough for us just not to have thoughts, we are also unable to express them.
  11. Where we are is in the front, and when we are in the back, it’s in the front.
  12. Planning means replacing chance with error.
  13. We start weak, but then lose a lot.
  14. It is said that there are no problems, but where we are there are some.
  15. Yesterday we were still on the brink, but today we are a significant step further.
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