An elderly woman riding a scooter

An elderly woman riding a scooter passes through border control.

One of the guards, having already seen her cross the border many times, approaches her, suspicious of her being a smuggler.

He asks her for documents. His colleagues search for contraband in her bag and the luggage on the scooter.

They find nothing and release her. She gets on the scooter and leaves.

Time passes, and again she appears.

The guard, certain that she is a smuggler and that this time he will find something, stops her again.

And again, she is searched. They even run a metal detector through her things. Then sniffer dogs. A female guard even checks her clothes.

And nothing is found, so she gets on the scooter and leaves.

More time passes, and once again, the elderly woman crosses the border.

The guard thinks that this time he will find something. And stops her again.

She is searched once more. This time, even more throughly. Tthey even put her things through an X-ray machine. And look for information about her document numbers.

Since nothing is found, once again she is released, climbs on the scooter, and leaves as usual.

Years pass with the same thing often happening…

And one day the guard who always stopped her decides to move to another place. Since there’s no border control there, he decides to work as a mall guard.

And while he is in the mall, he notices her walking there. And decides to talk to her.

“Look, I’m not even a border guard anymore. And I promise I won’t report you. But I’m absolutely sure that you’re a smuggler, and I’m dead curious to this day.

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Can you tell me one thing please?
What were you smuggling?”

“Scooters,” replies the elderly woman.