A young man decided after 4 years of working

A young man decided after 4 years of working nonstop at a decent paying job and

saving the bulk of his earnings that perhaps it was time to settle down.

He called up an old girlfriend from his high school days and she answered on the first ring.

As they spoke and reminisced about old times she said to him “Wow, this has been

great, I’ve really enjoyed speaking with you, but I must ask, where on earth did you find my number?”

To which he replied “Honestly? I’m just as surprised as you are, I have been working as

a jani tor in our old high school and just happened to see your number etched into

the door of a boys bathroom stall! I’m amazed you still have the same number after all these years!”

And she responded “Well, how else was I supposed to keep in touch with all the boys I

used to sleep with?”

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