A mans dog dies one day and the 

A mans dog dies one day, and the man is very upset. His dog did everything for him.

Washed the dishes. Bought things from the shop. The man was so upset, he decided

to go and buy a new pet. Once at the pet store, he asked the manager, “Do you have

any pets that will do anything for me? My dog has just passed away and I want

something to replace him.” The manager looks around. “We don’t have much, I’m

afraid. Just this centipede here” The man looks puzzled, but accepts the centipede

anyway. Back home, the man tests the centipede out. “Go and bring me a beer from

the fridge”, he asks. The centipede got to work straight away. “Go and run a bath for

me.“ The centipede did as asked once again. The man, before getting in the bath, asks

the centipede “Pop to the shop and buy me a newspaper please.“ The centipede does

this. An hour later, the man comes out of the bath, to find the centipede sitting at the

bottom of the stairs, and hadn’t yet gone to the shop. “I thought I told you to go to

the shop?” The centipede replies “GIMMIE A CHANCE TO GET MI SHOES ON!”

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