A man is sitting alone at a bar

A man is sitting alone at a bar

A man is sitting alone at a bar when he hears a quiet whisper right next to him.

Seemingly out of nowhere, he hears, quietly but clearly, “Wow, you’ve got really great

hair!” Confused, the man looks around for a moment and sees nobody else around

him and concludes that he must be hearing things.

After sitting drinking his beer and snacking on some nuts at the bar for a while, he

again hears something. “My word, it looks like you’ve really been working out too!”

Certain that he heard something, he looks around again and finds nobody nearby.

By now he’s becoming a bit concerned and quickly downs the rest of his beer as he

begins to question his sanity. As he goes to signal to the bartender to get a refill,

another whisper comes out of seemingly thin air, “Don’t worry, you’re fine! In fact you

seem to have quite the keen intellect!”

With a final quick glance around him the man again sees that there’s nobody who

could be saying these things. The bartender comes over and sees the confused look

on the man’s face and asks if he’s alright.

The man replies, “I think I’m going crazy! I keep hearing something saying random

nice things to me but nobody else has been anywhere near me!”

Upon hearing this, the bartender smiles and tells him, “You’re fine! And certainly not

going crazy. It’s the nuts, they’re complimentary!”

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