A little lizard was walking through the forest 

A little lizard was walking through the forest to see his pal the monkey.

The monkey call out hey little buddy come up here I got some great pot.

So the little lizard climbed up the tree. The little lizard and the monkey

smoked a great big joint. The little lizard said hey this stuff is great but I have

horrible cottonmouth. Well there is a river just down there.

So the little lizard walk down the tree through the brush and started to drink

the water. All of a sudden a crocodile came out of the water. Hey little buddy waz

up said the croc, “I just got stoned with my pal the monkey.” “Really” said

the croc, “where is he I want some.” He is through the brush and up the tree.

So the croc walked through the brush and to the tree. The monkey said “holy

shit how much did you drink little buddy.”

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