A lady goes to a pet shop

A lady goes to a pet shop. The shop owner shows her a lot of cute animals but what fascinates the lady the most is a parrot which the shop owner claims can talk. So she approaches it and asks: “how do I look?”

The parrot quickly responds: “just like a f*cking hoe”.

Angered, the lady looks at the shop owner: “that’s what you taught it?”. Embarrassed, the shop owner assures her that he’ll “fix” the parrot. He then brings a bucket filled with water and dips the parrot multiple times in it, head first.

Tortured and gasping, the parrot agrees to “behave”. So the lady approaches it again and asks: “if you see me with a man in my house, what would you think?”

“That’d be your husband”, says the parrot.

“Okay and how about if you find me with two men?”, asks the lady.

“That’d be your husband and brother for sure”, the parrot is visibly uncomfortable.

“And if there are three men there with me in the house?”, asks the lady, politely.

“That’d be your husband, your brother and your father”, the parrot replies.

“That’s great! What if you find me with 4 men?”, the lady asks.

The parrot looks towards the shop owner and shouts:


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