A guy goes into his attic to clean

A guy goes into his attic to clean

A guy goes into his attic to clean it out and finds an old oil lamp. He thinks he could

sell it instead of throwing it away, so he starts to rub it and out pops this genie. The

genie says to him ” Thank you for awakening me, I can grant you three wishes as a

token of my gratitude.” The guy wishes for a billion dollars, the genie grants it. The

guy then asks for a huge mansion with 2 Lamborghinis and 2 Ferraris, the genie grants

it. The genie says “This is your last wish so really make this one count.” The guys says

“Well I’ve always wanted to drive out to hawaiian islands, because airplanes scare me

to death, so I would want a highway that could stretch from here all the way to the

islands.” The Genie says “That is asking for quite a lot and I’m not sure if I can pull that

off, Is there anything else you’d want?” The guy says “Well I’ve been married and

divorced three times, and I just can’t understand what I’ve been doing wrong. I’ve

given my ex-wives all the love and care that I could but in the end it was never

enough. I would want to have the ability to understand women. The genie thinks for a

few moments and says “Do you want a three or four lane highway?”

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