A duck walks into a tavern

A duck walks into a tavern

A duck walks into a tavern and orders a beer.The bartender thinks “Wow, a talking

duck,” and pours him a beer.

The bartender asks “I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before. Do you live in the


The duck says “No, I live across town. I’m a drywaller, and I’m working the office

renovation across the street. I just dropped in for a beer before going home for the day.”

The bartender, while trying to imagine how a duck handles drywall, asks “Well, how is that drywall job treating you?”

The duck says “Well, as you know, this isn’t a union town. The pay isn’t that great, but

it pays the rent and keeps me in duck food. I get along with the other trades, so I guess it’s O.K.”

The bartender says “I have a friend who runs a circus. Would you like to talk to him about a gig with the circus?

The duck said “That’s ridiculous. What would a circus want with drywall?”

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