A dromedary mother and a dromedary baby discuss things in life

A dromedary mother and a dromedary baby discuss things in life:
Mom, why do I have those huge feet with three toes?
The dromedary mom answers:
“Well, it is not to sink, when one crosses the desert vastnesses.
Ah … Okay, says the son.
A few minutes later, the son asks again:
Mom, why do I have such long eyebrows?
These eyebrows are there to prevent the sand from going under your eyelids, during sandstorms.
Ah, mum, answer the son.
A little later, the little dromedary returns to the charge:
Say mother, why do we have this big bump on the back?
The dromedary mother, tired of all these questions, answers:
The bump is used to store water for our long races in the desert. It is thanks to her that we can deprive ourselves of drinking for several tens of days!
Ok mom ! So, if I understand correctly, we have very wide feet so as not to sink into the sand, long eyebrows not to have eyes irritated by the sand, and a bump on the back to be able to store the water during long drives in the desert … But then, mom, tell me one more thing …
Yes, my son?
What are we doing here in Vincennes Zoo?

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