A car accident involves 3 cars

A car accident involves 3 cars

A car accident involves 3 cars the first one is a gorgeous Ferrari, unfortunately totally crashed. The driver goes out of the car and says:

damn, so unlucky! doesn’t matter though, with what I get in a week I can get a new one soon.

The second driver goes out of his car, a splendid Mercedes-AMG. The car is totally useless. he says:

well, it’s a pity! anyway, considering my salary, within a month I’ll get a brand new one

The third driver of a Lada goes out of his wrecked car and is already crying over it:

what a catastrophe! this was my most valuable belonging, and I was still paying the credit. Guess I’ll have to work overtime during the next 15 years to get a new one

The 2 other drivers look at each other, then at the 3rd one and ask:

are you stupid or what? why do you buy such expensive cars?

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