Two teenage male friends named Bob & Jim

Two teenage male friends named Bob & Jim

Two teenage male friends named Bob & Jim go on a cross-country road trip. and while they’re in Colorado, they get stuck in a massive blizzard. They happen to find a huge house and they

knock on the door. A beautiful woman in her 30s answers the door, invites them in and shows them to separate bedrooms. The next morning, she cooks them breakfast and they resume their trip without ever exchanging names.

They remain friends and 30 years later, Bob calls Jim and asks, “Hey man, do you remember that cross country road trip we took 30 years ago?”

Jim replies, “Yeah man, we had a blast!”

Bob says, “That we did! How about that one night when we got stuck in that blizzard and that beautiful woman invited us into her house for the night?”

Jim is quiet for a few seconds and says, “I think remember that, what about it?”

“Did you go into the woman’s bedroom during the night and have sex with her? Then give her my name and contact info?”

Jim comes clean, “Yeah, I did man. I’m sorry but I had a serious girlfriend at the time and you didn’t so I gave her your info.”

Bob joyfully says, “No worries man! She just died and left me 10 million dollars, thanks bro!”

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