For over twenty years, the only access to the narrow mountain valley was through a three-meter high wall with barbed wire. In addition, a sign warned that entering the valley was deadly.

The authorities had resorted to these measures after years of disappearance of those who had gone to this valley. No one had come back from those who had searched for them there either.

Eventually, a four-member research team – Edgar, Jutta, Kerstin and Kurt – began investigating the case. There were several theories. Most likely, the four suspected that leaked a deadly gas in the valley. However, they wondered if people in the fresh air could be killed by such a gas.

One day Edgar announced: “I’ll go down to the valley! The wall does not bother me. I just climb left or right around them. “

“Are you crazy?” The three others were shocked and tried everything to dissuade him from his plan. To calm her, Edgar pretended that he had changed his mind. But his decision was firm.

On a bright summer’s day it was time. Without even a single person knowing about it, the skilled mountaineer Edgar climbed around the wall at the entrance to the mountain valley and finally stood on the other side, which had not entered anyone for over twenty years.

Before him lay the narrow valley, which at first glance did not differ from other valleys. A path led into it. Edgar went straight ahead and saw after a few minutes that the path, between stone groups to the left and to the right, ended at a meadow. On her people were laughing and dancing.

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He photographed the sight: the path, the stones and behind them the meadow with the laughing, dancing people. He wrote under the photo: “Hello you three! Greetings from the valley! Edgar. “Then he sent the message to Jutta, Kerstin and Kurt. He then went on.


“Sorry that you can not even recover your body because entering the valley is deadly.” Kurt sighed. Three weeks ago he and his two colleagues had received the last word from Edgar.

Again, all three of them stared at the photo, though they had looked at it so many times that they could have memorized all the details by heart: the path, the stones and behind them the meadow full of skeletons