The Seventh – The Settler Squad

It is the longing for something better …” These were probably the most important words that our original founder father addressed to us at that time. With the one hand he wanted to give us that we can only achieve something if we give everything for it. On the other hand, the development of our civilization depends on each individual with dreams and hopes. To speak of that time is probably not appropriate in our young culture. But there are not many out there …

We had been taught at the academy to fulfill a single task. A task that was essential to the growth of a civilization. We were called so eloquent: the settlers. For me, the whole thing was also a welcome way to finally escape the academy and certain people and prejudices.

At the Academy, students were divided into 5 job roles. My specialty was the fight, strategy and leadership. I’ve never been a fan of military views – the irony is always catching on.

My best and longest friend Kairos, actually since I have memories, was in education for commerce and psychology. Other crew members were: Kawann will be responsible for the construction industry. Indeleo for the Scientific Area and Aspeon for the Cultural Development.

We came with ships across the ocean to found a new city here. No one told us that the island was a 72-day cruise away. It’s easy to think that this could be a scouting mission. Voices were loud like, “We did not sign that.” The epitome of interest weakness.

There was a reason that, right now, and especially his group, were sent on such a journey. Although the founding fathers probably had to grope in the dark, otherwise you could have given us more information. In this council, however, this was never quite sure, sometimes the impression of incipient arbitrariness came into being. But they were also responsible that many villages now lamgsam a common empire is created.

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It could not be her interest to have a suicide squad without any chance of success. Any intervention by our government would take at least 144 days. The warship, The so-called May would drop off in a crisis case or in any case after 3 weeks for the first reporting home.

The team was initially on its own. Team meant in this case Jaaren and his troop, comprised a total of 5 men. We came with 3 boats over the ocean. Luckily we did not have any problems why the whole crew survived. In each ship, in addition to Jaaren and his members, there was space for 20 people. So we were stranded 65 people on an island without being informed.

“So let’s start with our destiny, my friends!” Shouts Jaaren. He pulls his sword out of the scabbard and stretches it far into the air. The peak towers far into the sky, the sun reflecting in the piece of forged steel. “Let’s write our very own story, we have the responsibility for it now.”

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