Mary is invited to her boyfriend Johnnys home

Mary is invited to her boyfriend Johnnys home

Mary is invited to her boyfriend Johnnys home for dinner and to meet his parents She’s very nervous about meeting them, and is on her best manners so as to ensure she gives her best impression.

The parents are warm and seem pleased to make her acquaintance after all they’ve heard from Johnny. The family dog Fido is also very friendly and soon takes a liking to her.

They sit to sumptuous dinner which the parents have prepared and begin eating and making conversation. Fido wants to stay close to his new best friend and seats himself uunder Mary’s chair.

Soon into the meal, Mary begins to regret the extra large burger she had for lunch. The gas is building uncomfortably inside her and she realises she has no choice but to let it out. Not

wanting to make a bad impression she carefully squeezes the fart out as quietly as she can. Only the slightest noise can be heard and nobody seems to notice. But nobody could ignore

the smell. The mother looks over in Mary’s direction, spots Fido and sternly exclaims “Fido!”. Mary is relieved to be rid of her fart and relieved that Fido has taken the blame.

The evening continues amicably but soon the pressure begins to build again. Mary lets another, bigger fart free, a little more boldly this time. Everyone could hear and nobody would

be able to mistake the direction the fart came from. Fortunately, to Mary’s satisfaction, the mother again looks toward Mary then at Fido and once more exclaims “Fido!”. The poor dog

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looks up guiltily. Mary feels a little bad for the dog but is glad to have a way to relieve herself without embarassing herself.

Mary is relaxed now, getting along very well with the parents and confident that she is making a good impression on her boyfriend’s parents. The pressure of another large fart again builds

in her gut but now she knows the dog will take the blame she doesn’t bother holding back. She let’s free a roaring, explosive and eye-watering fart that makes everyone stop their dinner. The

mother puts her utensils down, rubs her eyes and angrily shouts at the dog “Fido! This is the last time! Get out from under there before she shits on you!”