In the morning at 3 o’clock in Germany (funny story)

In the morning at 3 o’clock in Germany. The phone rings.
“Hello, this is telephone counseling, are you alright?”
“Here is the telephone counseling, we call as a precaution round, if anyone has suicidal intentions.”
“What! At 3 o’clock in the morning?”
“This is the right time for such a thing, because most people are at risk, for example, you obviously have sleep problems.”
“What a crap.”
“Listen, other people are sleeping at this time and do not hang around on the phone.”
“But you called me.”
“Why are you talking so softly? I can barely hear you.”
” It’s because of my wife. I do not want to wake her. “
“Do you have any secrets to your wife? It may not work out in your marriage, eh?”
Of course it works. “
“But you have nothing more to say, are you still and silent in bed next to her, do you understand that?”
“It’s 3 o’clock in the morning!”
“And I know, and while your wife sleeps – needlessly – because you have nothing to say to her, go up and down restlessly, because your troubles will not let you sleep.”
“You will not let me sleep!”
A simple phone call arouses you while your wife has been leaving you cold for weeks, obviously having a lot of problems: economic, sexual, health …

“With insomnia and excitement, stay calm, you’re very suicidal, do not you notice that you’re shaking all over?”
“Yes, because I’m in the pajamas for 5 minutes in the corridor.”
“What are you looking for in the corridor, do not do anything imprudent.”
“Our telephone is in the hallway”
“Do you have sleeping pills in the house?”
“I do not know, she keeps my wife.”
“Then wake up your wife, human child! Awaken immediately! She should bring the sleeping pills to safety, do not do anything stupid, now think twice, life can be so beautiful, for you, of course, sick as you are , desperate, depressed, but do not worry

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