Everyday life in Advent

Not only we ordinary people are dealing with the police. 
It can also happen to a Santa Claus that he comes into controversy with a very earthly “blue”. 
So on Monday night, the famous 6th of December, a police patrol officer was waiting for a very ordinary small car, which the driver had completely improperly and cheekily placed in a clearly designated parking ban. The policeman – it was not exactly in the critical downtown – was thinking of pulling his block with preprinted requests to report on the station, but since it was so cold, he preferred to keep his hands in his gloves. He was undecided as to whether he would better go on or take official notice.
Into this consideration, a hooded figure emerged from the front door, strode toward the car and turned out to be the driver of the wrongly parked vehicle. As a police officer you can no longer mark the unsuspecting, but is forced to act. 
“You,” said the policeman, who was holding out the hunchback, “you, did not you see that you are not allowed to park?” 
The stranger turned around.

The police officer, who once was a boy, probably shook his official blue trouser legs at that moment. For the motorist wore a Kurre, a mighty white beard, a tail in his hand and looked reverently. 
“…. are in the parking ban”, complained the official only weak and would really like to go immediately on his tour. 
“Right!” Nicholas grunted and casually circled the tail in his fingers. 
“This is a parking ban, but they know that even in the parking ban the loading and unloading of the vehicle is allowed!” 
“However,” the policeman agreed cheerfully.
“And as they see here,” Nicholas continued, swinging an empty sack, “I unloaded a lot in this house, this sack was once full of apples, nuts, and other things, or did they want one of today’s Santa Claus Sack should walk on foot, where each beer vehicle is allowed to stop? ” 
“Oh!” the police officer smiled, “I did not mean that, it’s alright, I wish you a Merry Christmas!” 
He would have liked to add “dear Nicholas”. But he was embarrassed. After all, a police officer is no longer a boy.

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