“Here you are at last.” 
“Yes, sorry, I still had something to do.” 
“Well, you’re here now.” 
“How’s it going?” 
“Doc has been up for quite a while.” 
“Do you know any details, a first diagnosis or assessment perhaps?” 
“Assessment, what kind of assessment?” 
“Well, if he packs it again, or …” 
“Or if he finally blesses time, did you mean to say that?” 
“Come on, you’ve been speculating on that for a while!” 
“Now stop it, you pretend that I am the greatest hereditary stalker under the sun.” 

“But now you’re really going too far, who has been the person who cared most about him for the last few years, that was probably me.” 
Yeah, sure, you gave him a new nurse and you took care of his business, which was not all disinterested, but ‘caring’ means something else. ” 
“Could I have let the shops go down the drain? So that all the money would leak somewhere, how? So at least I know where the money is and what it is.” 
“Yes of course, the main thing is you know.” 
“One should at least keep track, but you do not have an antenna for that, when was the last time you were in a bank?” 
“I do banking online.

“But please, ladies – they will not argue.” 
“Of wanting, there can be no question, but this person just does not understand …” 
“I understand, I’m just not as cash-hungry as you.” 
“Please calm down, the situation is not really about getting lost in the wool.” 
“It’s alright, I did not even start it.” 
“Do not you want to know how the Director-General is doing?” 
“Of course, how is Uncle Neithard?” 
“Yeah, how is he? Is it bad?” 
“Well, as you can imagine, the Director-General is very weak. 
His heart … ” ” What about his heart? “
“His heart – is not weaker than last, but an improvement has not occurred, which was not to be expected, we will not be able to pass surgery in the medium term.” 
“But did not the possibility of heart surgery last longer?” 
“Yes, that did.” 
“Then why did not you operate on him long ago, when his condition was perhaps a bit more stable?” 
“But you know her uncle.” 
“What does this mean?” 
“First of all, the patient has to agree with the operation, but he has never been, he always said that as long as his heart beats unaided, he does not consent to surgery.” 
“And now, does he agree now?”
“In fact, since today he no longer categorically rejects an operation.” 
“What motivated him to do that?” 
When he woke up, he’s sleeping right now, good day, ladies. “

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“Uncle Uncle Neithard, can you hear me?” 
“Can not you see he’s still sleeping !?” 
“He had slightly twitched his eyelids before.” 
“Definitely when he felt your presence.” 
“Really, Duuu … ah, I do not know.” 
“Talk quietly.” 
“You think, with your unapproachable nature, you would be superior to everyone else, what? You’re just doing it this way, deep down, you’re not as cool and distant as you always are.” 
“Hmm, that means in reverse, yes, that you tell me, but to have a heart, I would not have believed you, after all, otherwise you have only the view of the material.”
“You can do me with your up-down-fuss, I know at least what I have and what I am.” 
You see, I mean, you’re just thinking of money, money and more money, but you’re poor in the heart. ” 
“You are poor in the heart, you are poor in the heart, I can not buy houses, travel, ornaments from your sentimental heart, for that it needs something tangible, money, cash, coal, moneda, pink-pink, but you will you do not understand in life. ” 
“I do not need a chalet in the Swiss Alps, and not a finca on Majorca, or a ranch on the beach in Malibu.” “I also own a single car, not a fleet of vehicles. how shall I say, to divert anatomical disadvantages. 
“Anatomical disadvantages? Which anatomical disadvantages, please? You do not want to say in all seriousness, that I would have to hide behind you!” Look at you, but what do you picture? An elegant appearance looks different. ” 
“As I said, it depends on the inner values.” 
“The inner values, yes, the stereotypical response of all nonprivileged who want to give themselves courage with it.” The proverbial whistle in the forest. ” 
“If you think so …” 
“Yes, that’s how I see it. And I see it perfectly right.”

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“How long will he sleep?” 
“He’s sick, very ill, let him sleep while he can.” 
“But I also have something else to do, what did I actually get this nurse into the house for, and where is this person?” 
“That’s what I’m asking myself, but they have not even been seen today.” 
“————– ————– mmh chhhhhhr ————- —– ahmmmmmmm ———- ” 
” I think he’s coming to. ” 
“Be still.” 
“————– mmmmmmmh ————- h-hello ————-” 
“Hello Uncle Neithard Well, wake up? ” 
“Hello, uncle.” 
“There you are, that’s good …
“What, uncle? What about?” 
“Now let him get his strength right first.” 
“Where … where is Hildegard?” 
“Hilde ..” 
“… gard?” 
“Hildegard, my wife.” 
“Your wife????????” 
Your wife’s name was Lotte and she’s been dead for eleven years. ” 
“Yes, my first wife was called Lotte, God bless her.” 
“Your first wife, does that mean you have another one?” 
“Of course, would I ask her about it?” 
“Wait a minute, if my memory does not deceive me, but this sister, this nurse called something with H …..” 
“You mean …..” 
“Yes, I mean.”

“Uncle Neithard, you do not want to tell us that this nurse is your … your wife !?” 
“Uncle Neithaaard …!”

“There they are, my two married nieces, but it is nice that you look after your sick uncle, and my jealousy will rejoice.” 
“Neidi ????? Uncle Neithard, how does this person talk about you?” 
That’s just her nickname for me, because I call her my little girl, because it’s normal for two spouses to have pet names too. ” 
“Of course, only privately, you know, of course we do not talk about that in future meetings on the supervisory board or with the management board.” 
“Supervisory Board?” 
This woman is my elixir of life, I owe her that I could jump from death to death again, so I married her out of gratitude and used it as my sole heir. “
“Alone … heiress … water, please a glass of water.” 
I’ll let you know how different the two are: while one is enough, the other must have alcohol again, they are twins, but otherwise they have nothing in common. ” 
“Except that they both go now empty.”

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