George W. Bush has a heart attack and dies.
He is sent straight to hell where the devil is already waiting for him.

“I do not know what to do,” says the devil, “You’re on my list, but I do not have a spare room left, so
you definitely have to go to hell, so we have to find a solution a few guys who are not as bad as you are for a long time, I’m going to leave one of them free to take his place, and you can decide who. ”

“That sounds good,” George thinks, and the devil opens the first room.
Inside, he sees Ronald Reagan in a huge swimming pool, dipping into the water and reappearing.
Over and over again…
“Oh no,” says George, “that’s not for me, anyway I’m not a good swimmer anyway …”

The devil opens the second door.
He sees Richard Nixon in a room full of rocks, which with a mallet smashes the rock, over and over again …
“No, I have problems with the shoulder, it would be a pain for me, day after day to cut on rocks says George.

The devil opens the third door.
Inside, Bill Clinton is handcuffed and tied to the floor.
Above him sits Monica Lewinsky doing what she does best.
George does not trust his eyes.
“Alright, I could do that,” he says, rubbing his hands together.
The devil smiles: “Ok Monica, you can go.”

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