A little old lady of ninety goes to the doctor

A little old lady of ninety goes to the doctor complaining of terrible flatulence. She tells him she is otherwise in perfect health, but the constant wind is very

uncomfortable. She adds, “But I’m so grateful that at least it isn’t embarassing. You see, the remarkable thing is, it’s always completely silent and it doesn’t smell at all. You

would have no idea, but I’ve actually passed wind at least fifteen times just during this appointment.”

The doctor agrees that is indeed remarkable, and he prescribes the old lady a course of tablets and tells her to come back the next week.

When she returns, she isn’t happy. She tells the doctor that she doesn’t think the tablets he prescribed have done her any good at all. She still passes wind just as much,

and although it is still completely silent, now it smells absolutely terrible.

The doctor nods. “Excellent. Now we’ve cleared up your sinus problems, let’s see what we can do about your hearing.”

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