A Hare is assigned as the chief of police

A Hare is assigned as the chief of police

A Hare is assigned as the chief of police in the forest.He sees matters are bad, and decides to hit crime by tracking down illegal incomes. So, he orders the Vixen to be brought in for interrogation:

Hare: Hmmm… Let’s see… It says here you have a rather low income, and yet you are wearing a very nice furcoat. Tell me, what money did you buy it with?

Vixen: What are you talking about? This is my own fur.

Hare: Listen, do you expect me to believe such a silly story? How did you afford that furcoat?

Vixen: I’m telling you, this is my fur! I was born with it!

Hare: For the last time, stop talking this nonsense. Where. Did. You. Get. The. Money. For. This. Furcoat?

Vixen: I told you, this is my fur. All foxes have it since birth.

Hare: Very well, I see you’re not talking… Okay, go and sit in a cell for a few days, maybe that’ll help.

The Vixen is taken away, they put her in a cell and lock it. An hour or so passes while she thinks; suddenly, the door opens, and a Crane is shoved in.

Vixen: Crane? What are you doing here?

Crane: Couldn’t explain to that long-eared moron where I got “the bucks” for flying to Africa every year…

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