A father had five sons

A father had five sons. They were all very successful with the exception of the

youngest one. The oldest is a doctor, second oldest was a lawyer, third one is an

engineer, fourth one is a scientist and the last son was a lazy bum, unemployed and

never amount to anything in life. The father loves all of his sons equally, doesn’t

matter whether they were successful or not. His only asked was that, they all be

present at his funeral and gift him some cash money in his casket so he could brag to

his afterlife friends of how his sons were successful in life. Not too long after, the

father passed away. At his funeral they all granted him his wish.

Doctor son: Well dad, I love so much and I know we didn’t get to see each other much

but please take this $100k cash. Lawyer oldest: Loves you Dad, please have this $80k.

Engineer son: I am going to miss you Dad, here have this $60k. Scientist son: The kids

will miss you Dad, enjoy this $40k. Unemployed son: Dad, I love and will miss you. I

know I never amount to anything in life but I truly wanted to grant you $20k but I

didn’t have any change on me. I’ll take this cash $280k and here is a check I wrote for

$300k. 😂

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