A cowboy is captured by a native war party

A cowboy is captured by a native war party

A cowboy is captured by a native war party. As he is bound in the middle of the camp, the chief comes up to him and says “in this land, we grant prisoners of war three days before they are

executed. Each day, the prisoner can make one request and we will decide if we honor the request or not. What is your first request?”

The cowboy thinks for a minute and asks to speak to his horse. The chief grants his request the cowboy whispers something into his horse’s ear. The horse gallops off and returns a couple

hours later with a beautiful blonde on its back. The chief shakes his head muttering, ‘white man.’ He shows them to a teepee and leaves.

The next day the chief comes to the cowboy and asks “what is your second request?”

“I’d like to speak with my horse please.”

And so, the horse is shown to the cowboy, who whispers into its ear. The horse leaves, only to return with a curvaceous brunette. Again, the chief let’s them use a teepee. “White man, can

only think of one thing” he says.
The third day arrives. The chief asks “What is your final request?”

The cowboy, visibly frustrated, demands to see his horse again. He grabs the horse’s ear and whispers harshly into it “Now listen here you stupid animal!! Posse!! Posse!!”

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