This Tiny-Headed Toad Mask Inspired by “Super Mario” Will Chill You to the Bone…

Look into the face of horror.

Halloween’s still a few of months away, and there are spine-tingling films like The Nun and Suspiria on the horizon, but we truly doubt we’ll witness anything freakier and more nightmarish in 2018…

… than this tiny-headed Toad mask inspired by Super Mario Bros for sale on Amazon.

Though a seemingly innocent representation of blissful Toad’s face, the decision by the mask’s makers to keep Toad’s tiny head to scale makes it appear horrific on a human body.

First, you’ve got the human eyes peering out from his fungal skull, and then Toad’s bemused grin seemingly jutting out of a regular man’s neck. As if this wasn’t bad enough, on the model they’ve selected for the Amazon store listing, Toad’s teensy noggin is complemented by broad shoulders, making Toad appear far more swole and intimidating than he’s meant to be.

Honestly, he looks more like a Goomba from the Super Mario Bros movie than the Toad we know and love.

Anyway, you can get it new on Amazon from $11.95. Order it now and get it in time to ruin the childhood memories of your friends this Halloween.

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