The fish

A fish is swimming across the seas. A fish with a jagged face and wide mouth, yet friendly in its whole appearance. Powerfully swinging the caudal fin and drives the fish body through the water, so that the fish in his movement is like a nobleman. For hours he already pulls the endless tracks that bring him to the beginning again and again. The sea must be a circle, he once thought, but he rejected the thought that seemed too great for his fish existence. Suddenly, something sparkles in the distance and the fish rejoices because he has not talked for so long and he is hungry as well. When the sparkling something floats in front of him, the fish thinks
and appeals to the unknown swimmer.
“Hey, what’s your name?”
The other fish answers.
“My name is Herring and what is your name, strange big fish?”
The fish answers.
“Almost right, my name is Fish and what brings you to this area?”
The herring thinks whether he should continue talking or escape, because the fish scared him in his big appearance, but he is also friendly and looks peaceful So he decides that he wants to continue the conversation.
“Oh, I just swim here because my buddies wanted to do sports and I did not feel like it. Luckily, because a thing that I can not describe, the sports enthusiast has snatched away. Everything happened very fast. First everything was as always, the boys swam together, very close together, back and forth, up and down. Then came what I can not describe and pulled them all out of the water and no one knows where they are now. ”
Shocked by the story, the fish decides to bring something encouraging.
“Try to see it positively, your experience is proof that sport is not necessarily good for your health. Besides, your buddies are safe now. ”
” What do you mean? “Asked the herring.
Interrupted in the middle of the sentence, the herring finds itself from one second to the other in the mouth of the fish and is graciously at once dead.
After the fish has sunk his meal, he still wants to finish the sentence and smiles at it.
“Because no fish can now feed on your buddies.”
Where he continues to pull his tracks, because that makes a fish and that for a lifetime.

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The End