Madame K. -Funny Story

Madame K. -Funny Story

So dear children, let me tell you today about a very special woman. Madame K. is the soul of a small family business that bravely struggles on the market with all these larger companies through toughness and diligence. This great success is due not least to the great cohesion of the employees, this in turn is not least Madame K.’s merit. Not that you believe Madame could be seduced during working hours to chat or something like that, never. But in the breaks, she has an open ear and a good word for everyone, not least a big heart, from which one can warm oneself.

There would be z. B. Edith. A calm, content, now young married woman. But do not think that has always been so, no! Edith often had big problems with her boyfriend.

This was partly because her boyfriend is a very strong, self-confident person and Edith often had the feeling that he could not keep up with him, which was exactly what this thought was. Then she often made the fear that she might lose him.

Now it was even more aggravating that Edith was a very simple person and had in the course of time completely embarked on a relationship of dependence with her friend. He set the tone in words and fists and determined how and in what direction everything in the relationship runs like this. Poor Edith had made the mistake of hoping that now that he was the undisputed ruler in the house he would be a little milder and she would soon ask if she wanted to be his wife. Unfortunately, the opposite seemed to be developing, because he had lately more and more often fed up with Edith and – what is much worse – he told her almost every day.

So we notice the whole situation was threatening to escalate and everyone was worried Edith would not be able to get to work one day because she would be in her own pool of blood in the midst of all her lace-capped skull caps. Madame K. did not let a day pass when she did not listen to her worries. She was never so careless as to be carried away and to say something directly to Edith’s friend, she would have been stupid. No, she listened and nodded with a gentle smile, and then first made an exact picture of the feelings of poor Edith and from a distance – as well as she could – from their dominant friend. In the end, Madame was very surprised that she had the impression that the two were at the bottom of their hearts,
But Madame would not be herself if she allowed herself to be fooled by that, and little by little, and bit by bit, she taught Edith to love and accept herself, and to rejoice over the picture that offered her in the mirror to be proud of it. She encouraged her to do all sorts of antics, all of which were initially so tiny that they could hardly be named as such. But gradually and with the outbreak of the young woman from her actually sad existence her plan went on and Edith’s formerly so bored friend began to discover that his longtime girlfriend was not as boring as he was in the last Years ago. When he first came to pick her up from work, so they can enjoy something nice together for her anniversary.

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Now do not think that’s all that Madame can do, now I’m going to tell you about Johann, a big, lanky boy who’s training in the business. But behind the gawky façade is a real genius, because he has a knack for the paintbrush and pretty much everyone working in the factory already has a picture of him at home. But now does not think that came of its own, because Johann comes from a large family, in which you have to save and also do many things that resist your own, so that the community has it well. As the eldest of the children, Johann’s sacrifice had been to abandon his long-held dream of studying art and instead to complete an apprenticeship in a profession, who would supply him safely and well enough to the end of his life with the most necessary and perhaps a little more. The poor man never said a word of grief, but everyone in the company looked at him as carrying a burden that seemed too heavy for his narrow shoulders. And if everyone saw that, then certainly Madame K. How should she now get access to the boy? She did not want to embarrass him by addressing the word too often to him as an elderly lady, but knowing that he came from a large household and had a penchant for home-baked cakes, she arranged to bake one or the other treat to bring to work, of which the poor boy also enjoyed and enjoyed.

What can I say, Madame studied him for quite a while and did not need much time until she guessed why the poor boy always carried this invisible burden with him, so that the spitzzüngingen, red-nosed vegetable women from the market hall directly opposite him always called ‘the long misery’. Here is revealed to us a bit more of the true genius of the Madame, because she was able to help the child without even having discussed his problem with him. She also had good relationships with ladies from other companies, with whom she always had correspondence and knew of one who had a daughter in art studies. This was now, according to her mother, ready to look for opportunities for Johann how, on the one hand, he could do justice to his great passion and his lifelong dream of undergoing training in the arts, but without giving up the work that feeds him and his family. I do not need to tell you that the whole venture was a terrific success. One day, Johann found the brochure in the tea kitchen one day, opened in the evening classes. Something he had not known at all, that it certainly was his life. Meanwhile, he is already in the second semester and shortly awaits him his first exam. He has passed the preliminary exam with flying colors, as best of class and his work was honored at an in-school exhibition, attended by his parents and siblings all with tears in his eyes.


Johann carries his head in the meantime raised high and happy, so that he almost bumps against the door frame with his forehead, but he is still happy as a little boy about the cake, which Madame still bakes him from time to time. The vegetable women are meanwhile also less vicious in their opinion of him, but they still gossip that this boy did not even know something like an evening school. But that alone proves how deep his head was hidden in the clouds. But these are just vegetable women. And no ladies of the caliber of a Madame K.! The vegetable women are meanwhile also less vicious in their opinion of him, but they still gossip that this boy did not even know something like an evening school. But that alone proves how deep his head was hidden in the clouds. But these are just vegetable women. And no ladies of the caliber of a Madame K.! The vegetable women are meanwhile also less vicious in their opinion of him, but they still gossip that this boy did not even know something like an evening school. But that alone proves how deep his head was hidden in the clouds. But these are just vegetable women. And no ladies of the caliber of a Madame K.!

Would I continue to report seamlessly on all her deeds, which I rightly would almost call a miracle, ah, you would soon be bored. For what should I tell you in such detail, of Madeleine, for example, who had such great concerns with her son because he was in the wrong circles and Madame helped her to build a close bond with him, which he now has with her has repaid a solid lifestyle.
Or Albert, who was always too shy to appeal to women who liked him. It turned out that he always had the feeling of smelling what was true, but Madame quickly got to the bottom of the cause, the poor man had a disease without knowing it and now he has his first girlfriend. She loves him too, when he smells again because he has forgotten his pills.

There is Tristan, whom Madame K. got caught in the company cash register. That was a tricky thing, that I have to say in all clearness, because one thing is a small problem and the other a theft, a criminal act!

But Madame has a heart like no other, and she believed him to be the cause of his betrayal; he became increasingly guilty of impressing his regulars, all of whom had better jobs than he.
Madame not only managed to free his grip on the cash register, she also made sure that he also broke away from his so-called friends, who derided him if he could not pay the bill for all.

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But now I really stop with their heroic deeds, otherwise you’ll stop reading boredom at this point, and I still need a little space for the saddest of all destinies. The only one I dare hardly say, on which Madame K. always fails. Of course, nobody knows that would spoil their reputation. Madame does not succeed in giving the life of this poor creature such a moment of success as the Madeleine, Edith and all the others. The poor person hates it like the plague to look at themselves in the mirror, because in old age she finds herself getting uglier, thicker and swollen.

Because of her laziness, she does not want to keep her flat clean and when she had the last dream, she has not been able to remember that for years. She has a daughter, from her first marriage, and she has a son herself, but they both do not want to have anything to do with her, the reasons for that are so far in the past that we do not have the time to go to her. And their bosses, these two old maids, to whom their popularity does not seem to have come through, because Monsieur and his wife refuse persistently to raise a salary. She was too slow at work and too backward. They only keep her because she has been in the business for so long and they do not want to sin.

But she does not care that much anymore when she is at home. She likes to put on a housecoat without a brassiere underneath, and if she lets herself fall on the couch next to her old one, she’s always going to break a fight because she’s tired of feeding him, that lazy old dog he is finally looking for a job so that she can sit flat his ass, the lovely day. Then she usually beheads the first of many beers, which they will somehow reconcile, and before she drinks she always looks, and I always mean , up to a tapestry that her mother once embroidered.

On this is written:
See that you only return to the doors of others as long
as you have the strength to do the same in front of your own.
But what did she know about life, the old adder?