How Nona and Tubo saved Christmas

How Nona and Tubo saved Christmas

A few days before Christmas

Giant Paraplü rubbed his hands. What betrayed his telescope from Himmeland gave him great pleasure. His plan worked! They had not noticed the hole. It would not be long before he could take action and return to Kandelaber for his fortress onion tower. With big luggage. With a lot of luggage!


Nona and Tubo

Nona and Tubo, the two inseparable nest-hooks, were bored mostly in heaven. In heaven, the home of the angels. Hard to count how many times the two dreamed for the earth or the infinite universe. As the only angel in heaven, Nona had five freckles on her nose. Spread like on a game cube. One point in the middle and four points evenly around it.

Clothes and skirts were against Nona. When dressed, she grumbled: “You can not really romp!”, And slipped into her pants instead. She wore her black hair match-long. In spite of her angel wings, she dominated the art of cartwheeling like no other in heaven and made nearly thirty meters in a row. In heaven, an absolute record. Angel Emilion, the eldest angel of heaven, said stiffly, “I’m sure not only in Heaven a record, but in the whole universe.”

Not so long ago Kling Klong time – as the time is called in heaven – was Nona plunged in the angel stream forest and broke her left wing. Angel wings grow from silky-soft silk spun and the finest spun angel hair and are very flexible and elastic. However, once broken, they can never be restored. Since the fall, Nona’s left wing hung limply down. Since then, she has not been able to fly more than five meters in one go.

Even if it was over with flying, Nona blew no tribulation. After all, she had Tubo, her best friend, who for the most part renounced flying because of her. When she was very tired from running, Tubo simply picked her up and carried her part of the way. Or she moved on by bike. Strangely enough, she hardly tired. Despite her lame wing, Nona remained a tomboy. Shortly after the accident, Tubo had found a shiny black moonstone with gold specks in the undergrowth and given it to Nona. Nona was over the moon, moonstones are considered lucky charms in heaven. They are said to have magical powers. This moonstone accompanied Nona henceforth.

Tubo was half a head taller than Nona and had blond angelic curls, hazel eyes, and was even thinner than Nona. Which was not surprising, because he was a real Zappelphilipp with ants in the butt. He felt rest as well as Nona as a punishment. As he thought, he buried both hands deep in his pockets and chewed on his lower lip. He constantly dreamed of adventures. Unfortunately, Himmeland had little to offer. Often the two dreamed in the Engelstrompetenwald, protected under the low-hanging branches of an ancient angel trumpet, from travel to the other end of the universe. 

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“What are you thinking about, Tubo?”, Nona asked when he was in his mind again somewhere else and bit into his lip.

With a longing in his voice, he confessed: “How could we easily disappear from heaven?”

Nona locked her moonstone and said confidently, “We remember something, Tubo, your moonstone will definitely help us with that.”

“He’s yours, Nona.”

“He belongs to us.” As if to seal a curse, Nona hit the wheel five times.

As an adult angel you were only allowed to travel outside of heaven. Angels rarely travel because they feel most at home in heaven. Above Himmeland there is a transparent roof, a canopy woven from angelic laughter that grows and grows every day. In addition, a high wall surrounds Himmeland. Here in this peaceful oasis in the midst of the mysterious universe, the angels feel safe. If anything, angels took a trip on the Milky Way to Galaxia, where the Jojos lived, or even to Funkia to the shooting stars. But from adulthood, Nona and Tubo were still long Kling-Klong time away.

Nevertheless, Tubo was looking forward to a journey to Earth to finally meet the children of earth, whose pictures were printed on Himmeland’s advertising pillars. “I would love to meet Gina, Maike, Lisa-Marie, Julius, David and whatever they are called.”

“Me too,” Nona had replied eagerly and hit a wheel.

Likewise, they would have liked to travel through the infinite universe with all its stars, galaxies and orbits. Far too slow for Nona and Tubo, the time to adulthood disappeared.

At times, Tubo even flirted with the Himmobil, a gondola with angel wings, in which Postengel Klaus swung back and forth between heaven and earth at Christmas time to carry tons of wishlist from earth to heaven. From Klaus Tubo had once let explain the technology of the gondola. The Himmobil could fly, ride on four wheels and swim. Depending on. Klaus had even let him make a few laps through Himmeland. Tubo had been amazed at how easy the Himmobile was to operate.

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Unhappily, Nona and Tubo remembered their crash landing last fall. They were later ashamed of their own stupidity. They wanted to cycle to Earth via the Milky Way with two bicycles from the toy warehouse. What they did not know at that time was that the sky gate can only be opened with the appropriate key from heaven. Since they had no key to heaven, they stood in front of a closed gate and had to turn back. “What an embarrassment, what an embarrassment!”, Tubo had grumbled, his face flushed with anger. 

Liliane, the guardian of the celestial toy camp, had first discovered the missing wheels in the heavenly toy warehouse and sounded the alarm. As a result, Engeland’s angels had gone in search of the two who were already on the way back. They had no choice but to confess their foolhardy plan to the stunned Council of Angels.

Angel Emilion, horror written in his face, had stammered, “You … you … you really wanted to go to earth all alone, you tease her?”

“Yes,” Tubo had answered.

Nona struck the wheel three times in a row as if to confirm it.

“Stop it, Nona, you do not need to distract,” scolded the heavenly Raubein Mäschtild.

Angel Bernhard, the inventor of Himmeland, asked: “But why do not you like it in heaven?”

Tubo had herumgedruckst: “Aaah … hmm … yes, but ours is so boring here nothing happens Everybody is so good So much….”

Then he confessed his and Nona’s desire for adventure to the assembled council of angels.

The heavenly angel could not understand and the two runaways had to swear to keep their hands off such excursions in the future. “Otherwise we would be forced to put you under the special care of Engel Mäschtild.”

That threat was enough. They promised, but Nona kneaded the moonstone with her right hand and crossed the fingers of her left hand behind her back at the oath. Tubo buried his hands in his pockets. No one saw his fingers crossed as he vowed to refrain from such trips in the future.

Mäschtild was the most unpopular angel in heaven. She was the only one who knew how to whistle through her fingers. Whistling produces quite a lot of pain in angel ears. She was known for not being so squeamish and lenient with the little ones. And she gave them a curtain sermon before. In Mäschtild’s eyes, the adult angels of Heaven were far too good-natured and indulgent.

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After Tubo and Nona swore, they were released and allowed to play outside again. So they did not hear anymore, as Angel Bernhard acknowledged: “Even if I can not approve, but the two have shown courage and imagination, we could all use a little bit of that.”

As a matter of fact. Tubo and Nona’s plan had paid respect to the angels. Only Mäschtild bared his teeth. Had it gone after her, they would have had to sweep the streets of Himmeland for a whole week.

Last but not least, Emilion made a wise decision: “Next year, the two will be involved in the Christmas preparations, so they will not have time for such antics.”

Nona and Tubo had a guilty conscience to the amiable Liliane, who had been indignant with the two escapees, which added to her lisping: “That’s one of them! I wanted to give you pleasure and you just steal two bikes to get away no one has ever left Heaven, how come you come up with such ideas, Tubo? ” Concerned, she added, “You can not imagine the dangers that lurk out there, so be glad to be safe here in Heaven.”

When Tubo wanted to know what dangers lurked there, Liliane rolled her eyes. “Many, Tubo, terrible many.”

Angel Liliane with the pink feather boa had been in Emilion’s ears for years – “Even little angels want to play!” – and begged to give the little ones the toy camp until Christmas Eve. For tricycles, rollerblades, cycling. Until Emilion and the Council of Angels had finally agreed, but made the condition: “But if only one part breaks up, the fun will end immediately.” As obsessed Nona and Tubo had practiced cycling until they could drive freehand. The articulated Nona could finally balance standing on one leg on the bicycle saddle. There was never a break and at Christmas all the toys reached the globe in perfect condition.