A young adventurer very muscular dressed in armor

A young adventurer very muscular dressed in armor

A young adventurer very muscular dressed in armor, and with a sword by his belt, marches through the city’s gates. An old man approaches him and says, “Oh, you are the chosen one!”.

“Am I?” replies the adventurer.
“Sure!” affirms the old man. “Follow me, for I will take you to the king. You do have an important task at hand that only you can perform.”.

“Who are you?” asks the adventurer.
“The wizard!” replies the old man. Then he adds, “Now come, and no more questions!”
The duo marches into the castle. Thirty well-armed guards open passage, holding their

lances high.
By the hall, the king hears their entry being announced and receives them by the table.

“So, he’s the chosen one?” asks the king.
“For sure!” replies the wizard.
“Am I the chosen one for what?” asks the adventurer.

“According to our old legend, a young man would enter our city and destroy the evil dragon for good,” the king and the wizard tell him in unison.
“Oh, great!” replies the adventurer. Then he asks, “Will there be any reward?”

“Of course,” answers the king. Twelve thousand gold coins, a diamond the size of your fist, and twelve acres of land, and you will be made a duke.

“Then take me to the dragon, and I will for sure defeat it!” cofidently replies the adventurer.

The wizard then leads the adventurer out of the castle and into the forest.
A distant roar can be heard. The wizard points to the forest and says, “It’s there. Go!”

The adventurer draws his sword and marches into the jungle, cutting branches and weeds out of his way.
The wizard then hears the adventurer screaming, and a huge column of smoke rises from the distance.

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He waits for a while, then hears the dragon roaring again, shrugs, and returns to the castle.
And then, the wizard meets the king.
“So… everything went fine?” asks the king.

“Yeah!” replies the wizard. “I think our pet is fed for the next week.”