A Salesman Was Passing Through The Countryside

A Salesman Was Passing Through The Countryside

A travelling salesman was passing through the countryside and stopped at a farm asking for some cool water.

The old farmer’s wife invited him to sit in the shade of the porch with her and got him some cold lemonade.

They sat and talked for a while when suddenly a hen went running by with a rooster covered in a pair of coveralls chasing her.

The salesman asked,
“What in the devil was that?”
The old woman told him

“Well you see, some years ago we had a tornado come through here and hit the hen house.

It killed all our chickens except for that rooster, but it plucked every feather off of him.

Well, I kind of felt sorry for him, seeing how as he did survive a tornado and I knitted him a pair of coveralls.”

The salesman said,
“Well, that is just about the funniest thing I have ever seen.

To which the farmer’s wife replied,
“You think that’s funny, you ought to see that rooster hold a hen down with one leg and try to get those coveralls off with the other.”

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