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The picnic

Tomorrow at 10.00 clock I have a rendezvous! I agreed that with Sally so that we meet at the bus station, and then spend the day together at a picnic on the meadow on the riverbank. We met in a bank. She had difficulties at the ATM and I helped her. So […]


Once lived a dog who had supernatural abilities. So he decided to become a superhero. So he made a costume out of a pair of tights and called himself Dogman. In real life he was called Superdog, but he did not like that name. First, Dogman had to decide who he really wanted to […]

Lucky day

It was Friday, the thirteenth. I would have loved to stay in bed and overslept this day. Simply dreamy. But that was not possible, because there was an important conference and I should talk about superstition. I! So that nothing could go wrong I prepared my appearance very thoroughly: My manuscript was perfect, […]

The Reldiez Museum in Berlin

Last year I received a small book as a present, which I read only briefly, but then with increasing interest several times. It was about `Berlin painters poets’. Günther Bruno Fuchs and also Günther Grass are represented in this booklet. But it was especially the story of the Reldiez Museum by Hans-Joachim Zeidler […]