Author: Sofia

The valley

For over twenty years, the only access to the narrow mountain valley was through a three-meter high wall with barbed wire. In addition, a sign warned that entering the valley was deadly. The authorities had resorted to these measures after years of disappearance of those who had gone to this […]

The elevator

Frank was a well-trained bodybuilder who went to the gym three times a week. When he wanted to go home one evening, he went to the parking garage. He had parked in parking deck 1d. So one evening he went to the parking garage, there in the elevator and chose 1d. The elevator drove […]

my day

Hello, this may be something like a diary. Why here? Why public? Why why why?? Why not? What does all this have in common with what I do when nobody finds out? Well it actually started harmlessly. Everything totally unspectacular .. like everything in my life. And maybe this has […]

The stone people

Once upon a time long ago, the earth was just a lava-bubbling planet covered with volcanic rock, with no forests, no lakes, no seas and no mountains. But one day someone unrecognized, tired of the desolate sight, decided to create the Stone People. Bored by the eternal melting and solidification of the […]

The widow’s ring

Although her husband passed away seven years ago, Margret continued to wear her wedding ring. “With Ring you are safer as a woman, especially when traveling.” Therefore, Margret’s daughter Heike was extremely astonished when, like every week, she stopped by her mother’s house and discovered that the wedding ring was […]


When Leonie was three years old, her parents died in a car accident. Leonie, her only child, was picked up by her 45-year-old aunt Gerda, her father’s unmarried sister. There were no other relatives. Aunt Gerda was strict, but also affectionate, and since Leonie could no longer remember her parents […]