Art supplies

Willi was worried about his shop. For thirty years he led the small shop for art supplies. It contained everything that made artist’s and especially painter’s hearts beat faster: paints, brushes, easels, crayons, blocks of paint …

Nevertheless, fewer and fewer customers came. “You have to keep up with the times, Grandpa!” Said his grandson Fabian. “You need an internet presence with an online shop. I can set it up for you. “

Willi initially resisted “this newfangled stuff”, but allowed Fabian finally grant. “But only do the technical! I formulate the text! “

Three weeks later Willi called his grandson: “Fabian, there is not a single customer in the online shop! That must be due to a technical error! “

Fabian did not find anyone and was at a loss. His eye fell on the words of his grandfather at the top of the page:

“Welcome! You just have to click, you’ll get malware! “

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