Day: July 13, 2019

flower women

“The tulips in the vase have unfortunately withered,” said the philologist’s wife to her husband. “I’ll go down to the flower woman and buy something new.” “To the flower woman?” At the sound of his voice, she realized that once again a word in him had evoked associations. Of course […]

Art supplies

Willi was worried about his shop. For thirty years he led the small shop for art supplies. It contained everything that made artist’s and especially painter’s hearts beat faster: paints, brushes, easels, crayons, blocks of paint … Nevertheless, fewer and fewer customers came. “You have to keep up with the […]


David had a tick. It almost caused him bodily pain when his fellow human beings made grammatical mistakes, and most of all he suffered from omitting the ‘n’ in the dative plural. Therefore, the student in his environment was called only Dative-David. In many restaurants in the city he already had a […]